Retain Skins - Round Corner

Retain Skins - Round Corner

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Product Information

Retain Skins Round Corners - 3mm Corten (Rusty Weathering Steel)


*Fresh from production, these photos will be updated shortly.

Don't like being Square? - We have you covered with our new product. 

We are pre-rolling both of our garden edging heights (118mm or 190mm) into smooth corners.
These are simply added into your edging system with straight joiners, they are produced from a 1.2m length and rolled in-house in the middle of the length, giving you a guaranteed smooth bend, of course they can be cut to suit your application.

They are a good way to introduce curved corners without the fuss of trying to create a tight curve yourself. 

Simply flip the product over for an inside or outside corner, genius :)

These 3mm thick Corten weathering steel strips are 1.2-Metres (1200mm) long.

These lengths are designed to be used with our Retain Skins joiners and pegs, our entire Garden Edging range is made from the same material. This product is 350mpa grade high tensile.

Our happy customers use this system for;

  • Garden Edging
  • Paving perimeter
  • Planter boxes
  • Lawn edging (a clean attractive straight or curved edge)
  • Lawn & Garden division by simply burying them to your required height

They can be cut to your required length with a grinder and a cutting wheel, by using our Tool-Less Joiners your cut edge will not be seen as it sleeves inside the joiner. This makes the install easy and stress free! 
This system is fast & perfect for a DIY application, no bolts, no screws.

Need some help with planning your edging, or need help calculating lengths and joiners etc? 
Please Contact us, upload your plan and we will calculate the lot for you and send back a quote inclusive of everything to get your project done.
Our products are Australian made to last, you only want to do it once. 
Don't forget to Check out our Joiners and Pegs


We can ship Australia Wide - Direct from the manufacturer 

  • Note: These are cut raw (silver metal finish) - Over time (a few weeks) you will see the silver finish rust over with a beautiful even rust coating. Once this happens the material is sealed and stops the rust process.

How do I measure up?

  1. Grab your Tape measure 
    Measure up the length of your garden beds, add all of these measurements together and you will have your Total Lineal Meter requirement. 
    Then divide this total number by 2.4 (The length of our edging pieces). 
    Eg. 30-meters divided by 2.4 = 12.5 lengths required (we would recommend rounding up to 13)
  2. Joiners - Straight, Outside Corner, Inside Corner.. Confused? Don't be. 
    Straight Joiners; If you have 10 x 2.4m lengths you would need 9 x straight joiners . It is always -1 of your total edging lengths 
    Outside or Inside Corner Joiners; If you need a crisp 90° or 45° corner these are perfect, picture yourself standing at your corner, if the edging is running away from you in both directions you need an Outside corner. If you are standing at that corner and the edging is coming back towards you, then you need an inside corner.
  3. Pegs 
    These are a great way to start & finish your edging if it runs into a wall or fence etc. Our 3mm pegs give you a clean finish in this situation. 
    If using our joiners, these have a peg attached. As our product is so thick we have found pegs in between are not necessary for most applications. Simply hit the edging in at least 5mm into the soil to hold the edge, in some cases pegs may be required for complex shapes or curves.
  4. After order support! 
    If you order edging from us and start your project and realise you didn't buy enough pegs or joiners, simply call or send us an email. 
    You pay for the additional joiners or pegs and we will pay for the freight - Free

    Still confused? Scribble your plan onto a piece of paper, take a photo - We LOVE pictures of your scribbles & your spaces (truly, we could be a little strange). 
    Hit the Contact-Us button and attach your picture and we will help you work out your requirements, we can email you a quote, all inclusive - You just need to make payment by clicking the link and a few days later a truck arrives with your pallet of edging, ready for installation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be flexed into curved garden beds?

Yes, with our straight joiners, you simply join the lengths together and shape your garden to your hearts content. 


What about around a tree? a circle?
Yes, circles are possible - In this situation we simply recommend the use of our pegs, secure an end and start curving whilst hammering pegs in to keep it in place. After you have created your radius, you can hit the edge into the ground and remove excess pegs.

Do I need pegs if I buy your Joiners?
No, each of our joiners have a peg in the design - Built in. 
In our experience the 3mm edging has superior rigidity over other thinner products on the market - This means you can use the joiners with the edging exclusively. Many people still choose to buy some pegs for the end pieces or for those very curvy garden beds. 

How fast is this to install?
This system is unmatched in how long the installation takes. All cut edges are hidden behind the joiner, this means you can focus on cutting it - Not on how straight you are cutting it!
Sleeve the pieces into the joiners and with a rubber mallet you can hit the joiners (which come with a peg attached) into the ground. After this is done, because of the strength of our 3mm product you can simply go around and hit the top of the edging to sink the bottom edge in to help give it that rising from the earth look. 


Product Details

  • 3mm Corten Weathering steel (Develops Rusty Patina which seals the product & protects from rusting through)
  • High Tensile Steel - 350mpa grade, this is as strong as it gets.


Length - 2.4 Meters (2400mm) Long, Each Strip.

Height - 118mm or 190mm
Thickness - 3mm - We know we mention this a lot, but it is very important. But if you are after a solution that will last a very long time, 3mm thick Corten is the only way to go. 

Shipping - Explained

$99 Metro, $199 Regional, $299/$399 Remote Shipping
These shipping rates are for orders above $1200

We refuse to sell inferior 1.5mm or 2mm lightweight product. Shipping well made heavy product is expensive, we assume why its unpopular. 
Economies of scale allow us to offer these discounted shipping rates. 

But, I don't need that much!
We can still help! Our shipping is very competitive.
Order what you require and your shipping options and prices will display at checkout accordingly - Just enter your postcode for it to find the best possible price, we even display express options if you're in a real hurry!

How does this get delivered?
We strap and wrap your order on a pallet (skid) and we send it (we've shipped all over Australia).
Our carrier will arrive with a tail lift and pallet jack, they will unload it and wheel it onto your property (if possible). 

Questions? Shipping costs not displaying correctly?
Please Contact us

Shipping Policy