6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit
6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit

6mm 'Tall-Jan' Flat Pack Corten Fire Pit

Core Earth Designs
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Product Information

'The Tall-Jan' - FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide

2-Week DELTA-BELTA Sale - Grab a deal, prices are on the rise (steel is up an eye-watering 18%) when this is over.
Whilst stocks last

Our square design with Tall Legs.
It offers a nice warm fire, higher off the ground and is the perfect addition to any backyard. This is a quality Australian made, Laser cut fire pit that will offer you years of service. 
Its thick, strong and like grandpa's axe - Keeps coming back for more.


Width - 740mm
Height - 430mm


6mm Corten (Rusty) Steel 
This steel has Amazing qualities. It is laser grade, 350mpa (stronger than mild steel). 
But, its biggest benefit is the beautiful rust patina it will develop. This is THE option to have if your fire pit will live outside or in harsh conditions. 
Over time this will develop an even rich-coloured rust patina and actually protects the material from rusting further, this mean it will NEVER flake rust.
We expect this to last Decades, there is a reason they build bridges out of this material. 
Its functional, beautiful and strong - Just the best.

Flat Pack Advantage

All of our Fire Pits are laser-cut, they have no burrs, no sharp edges. Just clean lines. They are computer designed to exacting measurements, because of this we can create a Flat-Pack design which means it can be assembled and disassembled to pack away flat; Allowing you to have your space back over summer.

They are interlocking which means there is no 'slop' or 'play' once they are assembled.
No bolts - No Welds.
Function, Form & Longevity - These are the real deal.

Who are we?

Our Fire Pit Journey
We wanted a Fire Pit that easily pulls apart for packing and transport, but most of all, Strong. 

What we discovered on the market was a bunch of poorly made, poor quality imported Fire Pits that would be lucky to see one season before they made their way to land fill. 
So we got about designing and building our own, it quickly grew from there. 
Sure, we had hurdles. We learned more about thermal dynamics than we ever thought we would (via our Thermal Engineer) - So you don't have to. These don't warp or fall to pieces. 
In fact, the base you will receive has an immense amount of research within. So much so, we will not put pictures of it on the internet!

Note: The base in the picture below is our Mk.1 design, we do not built that anymore. You will receive our most current perfected product. We have sold many of these, and have NEVER had a return - That's right, not one. 

It is designed with perfect air-flow, so you wont waste wood and lose your heat. 
They are Thick, Strong and like grandpa's axe - Keeps coming back for more
Australian Made, Always. 

Aussie Manufacturing
By purchasing from us, you are supporting Australian Manufacturing. We are proud of this, and you should be too.
Your money stays here, it creates jobs and benefits us all - far and wide across our beautiful country. Australians build well, we build once.
It's an old vision - but one that needs to be supported.